The Plastic Age: Mix 1-Planet Rock'On

"The Plastic Age" is an explorative, archival, archeological, audio anthropological mix series by FOUNTAINavm. Focusing on deep vinyl records, occasional tape cassettes, obscure recordings and other rare media presented in curated themes. Digging, discovering, and sharing music made during the "Plastic Age" of planet earth.

"Planet Rock'On", was originally recorded by Finale Grand as a pause tape on cassette circa 2014, and it felt like a great way to jump off things and give an overall idea of the variety and possibilities for this mix series. An eclectic curation of multi genre music, original beats, live musicianship, obscure jazz, psychedelia, custom remixes, and overall dusty grooves. Also features several FOUNTAINavm artists: Flattops, Rhino Horn Placebo, and Finale Grand.

Side A Tracklist:

:01 Finale Grand - "Planet Rock'On Theme"
:45 Buddy Montgomery - "This Rather Than That"
5:53 West Coast Pop Art - "Suppose The Give A War and No One Comes"
9:34 MADVILLAIN - "Money Folder Remix"
11:25 The Plastic Age Turntable Calibration
13:42 Finale Grand - "Baroque Beats Outtake" 
14:50 East Flatbush Project - "Tried By 12" (Flattops Remix)
17:05 Bill Evans - "Milano" - Flattops Edit
19:20 Finale Grand - "The Venom Circulates" 
24:47 Maestro Fresh Wes- "Dats My Ni**a"
28:47 B-Side - "Cairo"
31:17 Krumb Snatcha - "Gettin Closer To God" (Flattops -The Way It Goes Remix)
36:49 Kraftwerk - "Mitternact"
39:08 Al Green - N/A Burnt ass 45
41:26 Calvin Keys - " Gee Gee Pt.1"

Side B Tracklist:

:01 The Soft Machine - "Thank You Pierre Lunaire"
3:35 N/A Jazz Cut
6:17 Finale Grand - "Rockin'ON the Synth" Exclusive
11:55 De La Soul - "Steaks Is Hi" (Flattops -A1 Sauce Remix)
13:43 Main Source - "Hanging Out Remix"
17:42 Finale Grand - "Mr. Meaner"
18:13 Rhino Horn Placebo - "Red Dawn" Demo Version
21:28 Busta Rhymes - Mr. C freestyle (Flattops Remix)
22:48 John Spider Martin - "A Lil Different"
30:22 Beatnuts - "Get Funky"
32:41 Finales Organ
33:04 The Magnificent Men - "Cry With Me Baby"
35:32 Ewa Bem - "Nie Draznij Mnie"
38:39 Company Flow - "Corners 94" (Manipulated)
41:30 Finale Grand "Groove You" Exclusive Beat
43:07 The Claus Ogerman Orchestra - "Night Will Fall"