The Plastic Age: Night Of The Tapes (Live Cassette DJ Set)

On 8/3/2018 FOUNTAINavm hosted a party at Tinwell in Salt Lake City with 3 DJ's (Finale Grand, Fischloops, Hellman) playing cassette tapes only. It was an experiment of technical execution and musical genres both. This is the first set from that night. Finale Grand plays Lo-fi Beats, Hip Hop Samples, Rare Groove, Jazz, Soul, House, World, some of his own beats, and even blends in old tape recordings of shout outs from the 2000 era by SLC legends. During the set you can actually hear these old tapes dying, melting, warping, and distorting on the spot. If you like it dirty...enjoy!

The other sets from the night will be will be posted shortly.