Hymns & Chants by Applegreen

Hymns & Chants by Applegreen released by FOUNTAINavm May 2019 on both cassette tape and for streaming anywhere you listen.

Hymns and Chants is a further exploration into the idea of blending modern and primitive sounds into an amalgam of textural electronica.

Inspired by musicians such as Roberto Musci and those who have contrasted ethnographic recordings with modern electronic sounds.

Applegreen’s approach is rooted in sample based hip hop production but for Hymns and Chants, his compass was set for outlying territory.

In the process, Tyler Van Der Stappen was brought in to play live instrumentation to further blur the boundry of where sample based music starts and live instruments ends.

Additional guitar, uke, percussion and effects by Tyler Van Der Stappen

Mastered by Andy Patterson

Cover Drawing is based on Antony Gormley's Sculpture Work.

FAVM 014