Loop Dots & Needle Drops by Finale Grand
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Aside from the broken record sticker loops, Finale uses an old Hip Hop break-beat trick called "Needle Dropping" to manually loop the record. This is achieved by meticulously lifting the needle back by hand one groove, as the record rotates, creating a loop. This technic goes back to the Bronx 1970's and is regarded as one of the most difficult DJ maneuvers invented, and is a useful skill set that allows you to play the record like an instrument, as you drop the needle on different parts of the record. 

This music project aims to question the boundaries of what DJ'ing and Beat-Making truly are, and certainly fuses the two concepts. Finale uses improvisation within a frame work, and experiments with ideas in real time, and further develops these findings as the records continue to loop. The overall goal is to develop this musical approach beyond the novelty of process, and continue exploring the possibilities of recorded media re-purposing, sound collage, and turntablism.