The Plastic Age Mix Series

"The Plastic Age" is an explorative, archival, archeological, audio anthropological mix series by FOUNTAINavm. Focusing on deep vinyl records, occasional tape cassettes, obscure recordings and other rare media presented in curated themes. Digging, discovering, and sharing music made during the "Plastic Age" of planet earth.

Fisch Loops all cassette tape live DJ set recorded at our party "Nite Of The Tapes". Fisch dives deep into the tape crates with obscure Bollywood, World, New Wave, and Gangster Rap. 

On 8/3/2018 FOUNTAINavm hosted a party in Salt Lake City with 3 DJs (Finale Grand, Fischloops, Hellman) playing cassette tapes only. It was an experiment of technical execution and musical genres both.

Finale Grand plays Lo-fi Beats, Hip Hop Samples, Rare Groove, Jazz, Soul, House, World, some of his own beats, and even blends in old tape recordings of shout outs from the 2000 era by SLC legends. During the set you can actually hear these old tapes dying, melting, warping, and distorting on the spot. If you like it dirty...enjoy!

The second installment of the archeological, anthropological vinyl mix "The Plastic Age". This installment brings a wide variety of dusty relics relative to the theme "SaXxx and Violence". Saxophones stretching across the world of music, expressing the ever complicated (love, hate and hardship)nature of humanity. Mixed and curated by Finale Grand.

0:01- SAXxx and VIOLENCE intro
1:15- Archie Shepp: You're what this day is all about
3:00- Sade: Siempre Hay Espereanza
7:40- Sun Ra: Westend side of Magic City
13:40- BDP: Duck Down
17:35- D'Angelo: Devils Pie (White Squalor Remix)
20:28- Gato Barbieri: Bolivia
27:58- Black Moon: Shit is Real
31:50- John Klemmer: Love Song to Katherine
35:39- 45 King: Breathless (FG on the Cuts)
37:43- John Klemmer: Free Soul
43:00- 9th Creation: (She's) The Kind
47:05- Ben Lamar Gay: Jubilee
50:25- You Can't Break a BBoy's Heart: Flattopps remix
54:40- Personal Effects: Love Never Thinks
59:45- Fela Kuti: Mr. Follow Follow

"Planet Rock'On", was originally recorded by Finale Grand as a pause tape on cassette circa 2014, and it felt like a great way to jump off things and give an overall idea of the variety and possibilities for this mix series. An eclectic curation of multi genre music, original beats, live musicianship, obscure jazz, psychedelia, custom remixes, and overall dusty grooves. Also features several FOUNTAINavm artists: Flattops, Rhino Horn Placebo, and Finale Grand.


:01 Finale Grand - "Planet Rock'On Theme"
:45 Buddy Montgomery - "This Rather Than That"
5:53 West Coast Pop Art - "Suppose The Give A War and No One Comes"
9:34 MADVILLAIN - "Money Folder Remix"
11:25 The Plastic Age Turntable Calibration
13:42 Finale Grand - "Baroque Beats Outtake" 
14:50 East Flatbush Project - "Tried By 12" (Flattops Remix)
17:05 Bill Evans - "Milano" - Flattops Edit
19:20 Finale Grand - "The Venom Circulates" 
24:47 Maestro Fresh Wes- "Dats My Ni**a"
28:47 B-Side - "Cairo"
31:17 Krumb Snatcha - "Gettin Closer To God" (Flattops -The Way It Goes Remix)
36:49 Kraftwerk - "Mitternact"
39:08 Al Green - N/A Burnt ass 45
41:26 Calvin Keys - " Gee Gee Pt.1"


:01 The Soft Machine - "Thank You Pierre Lunaire"
3:35 N/A Jazz Cut
6:17 Finale Grand - "Rockin'ON the Synth" Exclusive
11:55 De La Soul - "Steaks Is Hi" (Flattops -A1 Sauce Remix)
13:43 Main Source - "Hanging Out Remix"
17:42 Finale Grand - "Mr. Meaner"
18:13 Rhino Horn Placebo - "Red Dawn" Demo Version
21:28 Busta Rhymes - Mr. C freestyle (Flattops Remix)
22:48 John Spider Martin - "A Lil Different"
30:22 Beatnuts - "Get Funky"
32:41 Finales Organ
33:04 The Magnificent Men - "Cry With Me Baby"
35:32 Ewa Bem - "Nie Draznij Mnie"
38:39 Company Flow - "Corners 94" (Manipulated)
41:30 Finale Grand "Groove You" Exclusive Beat
43:07 The Claus Ogerman Orchestra - "Night Will Fall"

AudioAdam TerryComment
Critical Beatdown Feb 7

Mark your calendar: Thurs Feb.7 9pm-12. Critical Beatdown veteran @_heather.grey hosts a sick line-up and will performing. We welcome for the first time the young talent @haas_801 , along side the CB veteran and multi gifted @_nickyva_ . We also will be having “The 8EAUT1FUL5”, you may know them from @twiliteloungeslc Sunday nights as @pearlist TwinB , @electronluv FalchionB, DJ Diaoujou @davidpayneful , they will cosmically travel to the venue in the @thegofha , the mobile hyper art video arcade space shuttle, and your welcome to go inside and play video games. Don’t miss this show y’all !

Fisch Loops: Moment of Quiet Past Now EP

The veteran producer and notoriously deep crate digger, Fisch Loops, makes his FOUNTAINavm debut with a 6 track conceptual instrumental project. This EP is an extension of his infamous self released “Fisch Loops” beat CDs that he has distributed among the underground music scene for years. “Moment of Quiet Past Now” is the result of even deeper digging into the abyss of recorded media formats and takes its inspiration from the Floppy Disc digital era, the elusive Laser Disc, and the endangered species, the burnt CD.

Available for streaming and digital download anywhere you listen and Bandcamp.


Critical Beatdown 2y Anniversary

Join us to celebrate 2 years of showcasing the dopest Live PA producers in Salt Lake City at Critical Beatdown presented by FOUNTAINavm and hosted by one of the coolest selectors and producers around, Finale Grand

@ Good Grammar Bar 69 Gallivan Ave SLC, 9pm

This 2-year anniversary show is going to be off the hook so don't miss it!


9:30 pm SOSA

10:00 pm Allred Clouds

10:30 pm Finale Grand

11:00 pm C.DARA

11:30 pm 00

White Squalor: Costume Party EP

Materializing out of the American subconscious, the supernatural being White Squalor uses Jazz and Electronics to confront the horrific mayhem of American Society. Streaming everywhere. Purchase direct or on iTunes.


released October 31, 2018
All instruments performed by White Squalor. 
Produced by Adam Michael Terry

AudioAdam TerryComment
Critical Beatdown at FICE Fri Oct 19

Critical Beatdown comes to @ficegallery "A Night for the Heads". Come thru and vibe with some of the illest producers / beat makers / musicians around. Live sets from: @thatboybijuu @norbzz_ @_nickyva_@fischloops @_heather.grey and @FinaleGrand. 

Gallery Stroll Friday, it's gonna be a dope night. FREE ALL AGES. Brought to you by @fountainavm

Taboogaloo by Finale Grand

New "experimental jazz" album by @finalegrand “TABOOGALOO" is a collection of basement tape recordings dating back to 2014, of synthesizers, live percussion, found sounds, repurposed media, electronics, analog equipment, song demos, improvisation, jazz, and subjective experimentations with the intent to dismantle process-routine and self tradition. This was @finalegrand's pallet cleansing proceeding the making of his classical-form HipHop Opus "Baroque Beats" circa 2013, and would lead him into studying traditional live drumming soon after.

Digital Release by @fountainavm. Physical release undetermined.

Stream & Download Everywhere.

Taboogaloo Digital Download
Purchase Download
Pandora: Bonus Tracks: Underground Music We Love

by Julian Ring and Andee Connors on July 13, 2018

As curators, we listen to a ton of music every week. In addition to hot releases by artists we know and love, we stumble upon plenty of lesser-known gems that excite us. Here’s a brief list of some of our favorite recent discoveries, from metal and jazz to country, hip-hop and world music.

The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All — The Offering

Aside from having maybe the best band name ever, TLTITWTKUA deliver wild, over-the-top prog-metal laced with post-rock parts and intricate eight-string bass noodling. It’s kind of a weird combo, but the result is really solid and pretty original.

If you like: Virvum, Gojira, TesseracT, Between The Buried And Me

Dr. Quandary — Wayfarers II

Tune out to the blissed, cosmic chill brought on by this Bostonian’s samples and lush, mirage-like beats.

If you like: DJ Shadow, Dday One, Es-K

Itchy-O — From The Overflowing

Like a satanic marching band crossed with psychedelic percussion ensemble Crash Worship, itchy-O combine pounding rhythms, with spaced-out synths, insane costumes, theremins, dancers and more. Their shows are wild spectacles that often spill into the street outside whatever venue they’ve just decimated.

If you like: Extra Action Marching Band, Mucca Pazza, Crash Worship

Lucas Ebert — Lucas Ebert EP

Chris Stapleton-style country ballads with knockout vocals to match. Polished production doesn’t sap one iota of earthy spirit from these songs.

If you like: Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Ben Danaher

Art Of The Fallen — Don’t Jump

A dizzying mix of experimental deathcore, hyper-distorted metalcore and Warped Tour-style emo. The production is super tight and the whole record is a twisted tangle of crushing riffs, soaring melodies and wild digital FX.

If you like: Oceans Ate Alaska, Architects, Like Moths To Flames, The Word Alive

JJ Byars — Waterlogged

Oblique indie rock that tumbles into sweetly abstract contortions. Full of shape-shifting yet accessible arrangements that echo Grizzly Bear, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley.

If you like: Grizzly Bear, Jeff Buckley, John Fahey

Tasha Zappala — Winter Year

This Australian songbird has a gorgeous, throaty voice which she wraps languorously around a lush, softly psychedelic cabaret. A dreamy, sultry gem.

If you like: Marissa Nadler, Emily Jane White, Emma Ruth Rundle, Julie Byrne

Matt Phillips — “Mother”

A blue-eyed bluesman comes in heavy with a five-and-a-half-minute slide guitar jam. Dude’s got bottleneck chops and undeniable soul.

If you like: Tedeschi Trucks Band, Gov’t Mule, North Mississippi Allstars

Zaum — Oracles

A heady sprawl of spaced-out, smoldering, Eastern-tinged doom. Just bass, sitar and drums. The sound slips from snake charmer stoner rock to slow-burn downer rock, always wreathed in clouds of druggy effects-heavy shimmer.

If you like: Om, Bong, Cough, Conan, Sleep

Finale Grand — Baroque Beats

Crate-diggers take note: this hourlong suite of instrumental hip-hop is an old-school truimph. You can get it on cassette, too.

If you like: A Tribe Called Quest, Tobacco, Chinese Man

Golden Corpse — Golden Corpse

Eerie, horror movie electronica doused in a cauldron of glitchy electronics, ’80s VHS synths, echo-drenched handclaps and squiggly minor key melodies. A darkly modern take on the retro trippiness of classic witch-house.

If you like: Badass Wolf Shirt, Perturbator, Gost, Carpenter Brut, Salem

Alexis Bosch & Cuban Jazz Project— Havana Jazz Vibe

A vivacious live set, recorded in the titular city, showcases this agile pianist and his stupefyingly tight backing band. Just try and keep up with some of these breakneck runs.

If you like: César Lopez y Habana Ensemble, Frank Emilio Flynn, Ernán López-Nussa & Habana Report

Celestia — Aetherra

The most recent release from this long-running French black metal band. Ultra-melodic, expertly produced, distorted and depressive. Mostly mid-tempo, but with some frenzied bursts of black buzz.

If you like: Mortifera, Alcest, Genocide Commando, Glorior Belli, Khold

The Brighton Beat — Hear And Now

This classically-trained ensemble bakes fusion-y flourishes into its muscular Afrobeat.

If you like: Fela Kuti, Big Mean Sound Machine, The Budos Band

CXLOE — “Tough Love”

Sexy, sultry, foul-mouthed R&B/trap. Nasty and groovy, with sinuous, seductive verses and a banging, ultra-catchy chorus.

If you like: Charli XCX, Tove Lo, Sky Ferreira, Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha

Lesley Kernochan — A Calm Sun

Her lighthearted imagery is spoken with the slightest of drawls. Effortlessly warm and easygoing in the tradition of Norah Jones.

If you like: Norah Jones, Jimmy Buffett, Kacey Musgraves

Animals Killing People — Eat Your Murder

Self-described as “Blasting Brutal Animal Death Grind,” Eat Your Murder is a brain-curdling, animal-liberating blast of ultra-intense, extremely gurgly gore-grind. This vegan-core crew spits out frenzied, downtuned bursts of blurred heaviness, tangled gouts of grinding metal and churning blurts of dizzying mincecore, all in service of some of the most insanely liquid-sounding vokills ever.

If you like: Last Days Of Humanity, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Regurgitate, Lymphatic Phlegm

Bembesito — Tambores de Kiskeya

This Queens, New York singer and percussionist has performed religious music from Hispaniola for over a decade. This sample of his repertoire brims with joy and rhythms that delight.

If you like: Enerolisa, Musica de Palo, Conjunto Batey

Zachary Ray — Insane Obsession

Catchy, crunchy and fuzzy indie/emo pop. Rocking and loud, with fantastic production and intricate songwriting that sounds like some beautiful mix of Sparks, Muse, Queen and Ty Segall.

If you like: The Mars Volta, Cardiacs, Fuzz, Pretty & Nice, The White Stripes

Mucca Pazza — Trick Or Treat

The second punk rock marching band on this list. Imagine creepy soundtrack music performed by a massive horn section and an even bigger drum corps. Haunting and moody, but also wild and bombastic, like an alternate soundtrack for every Tim Burton movie ever.

If you like: Itchy-O, Extra Action Marching Band, Danny Elfman

KODIVK — The Dirt Beneath

Crushing, ursine post-hardcore from these East Coast knuckle-draggers. Massive breakdowns, huge riffs and gang vocals all wound up into some seriously hooky and hellacious noise rock.

If you like: Young Widows, Trap Them, Coliseum, Breather Resist

Critical Beatdown at Diabolical Records Sept 21
@criticalbeatdown801 + @squarewave.sound + @diabolicalslc = DIABOLICAL BEATDOWN Fri. 9/21  Live Beat sets from producers: @soul___pause @fischloops @_nickyva_ @finalegrand AndyDoors @heavyypetting 8pm...Edison St. will be going off! Gallery Stroll too

@criticalbeatdown801 + @squarewave.sound + @diabolicalslc = DIABOLICAL BEATDOWN Fri. 9/21

Live Beat sets from producers: @soul___pause @fischloops @_nickyva_ @finalegrand AndyDoors @heavyypetting 8pm...Edison St. will be going off! Gallery Stroll too

Rest 30 Video Game Music Festival Sept 7 at Quarters Arcade Bar

Quarters Arcade Bar presents...

Rest 30 Video Game Music Festival

Friday, Sept 7th:


Finale Grand




Falcon Lopez

Saturday, Sept 8th:

Golde and the Guise

Dj Shanty


Future Coochie

Cool Banana


Gentle Persuasions

Hosted by Mark Dago and Lord British & Falchion B7pm-1am each night, 21+, FREE! LIVE @ Quarters Arcade Bar5 east 400 south in Salt Lake City

Supported by: Watchtower Cafe KUAA 99.9FM SLUG magazine Rest 30 Records Video Game Division

Baroque Beats Cassette
Baroque Beats Cassette

A swan song to a Golden Era.

Two meticulously composed 30-minute suites of dusted lo-fi loops and beats, from the crates and MPC of Finale Grand. Sling side 29:36 | Sword side 28:32

Free Digital download with purchase. Find the digital version here Cassettes ship on or before March 15th, 2018.

Will you be in Salt Lake and want to pick up instead of have it shipped? Email us at for a code to enter at checkout.

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